How did we work this out?

We took a random sample of transactions made on thetrainline which included a range of ticket types & national routes.

We compared prices paid on thetrainline (including the booking fee) with the cheapest fare available for that journey if bought at the station on the day of travel.

The average saving made by customers buying in advance on thetrainline was 43%

More people are saving

Since our first advertising campaign last autumn, the average saving made by our customers has increased, and more people are now making a saving on their train tickets at thetrainline.

Advance fares are not available on every route, but they are available on the vast majority of our most popular routes.

Savings are available on Advance fares only, but thetrainline makes it easy to find cheaper tickets and make savings: the cheapest available ticket for a journey is highlighted in orange and we have some handy tools to make finding cheap tickets quicker and easier – see below for details

So how can you save?

We're here to make buying tickets online easier, cheaper and faster so have developed a few handy tools and tips to help you find cheap tickets.

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